Comcast-Time Warner Cable Hides 7,000 Documents From FCC


The Comcast – Time Warner Cable merger will be delayed once again. The Federal Communication Commission, the agency that oversees and regulates the cable industry, issued a letter stating that they will halt the 180 day period the agency has to review the proposed merger.

They will stop the day clock today until January 12, 2015. Today was day 104 of 180.

The letter was announced once the agency's staff discovered that Time Warner Cable improperly classified an excess of 7,000 responsive documents on the basis of attorney-client privilege in early December. Additionally, the commission's staff found that an excess of 31,000 documents had not been produced due to a “vendor error.”

"The effect of these late disclosures has been to slow down the Commission's review of the Comcast/TWC/Charter transaction, in particular because sections of the review that staff had thought were complete now must be reopened to take account of the additional documents that have been disclosed," wrote FCC chief of media William T. Lake.

Comcast announced the proposed merger in February. The first day of the review period was July 10, 2014. The FCC has previously delayed the review period in October and November.

Source: Gigaom, FCC / Photo Credit: The Wrap


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