Colorado State Rep. Lori Saine Brings Chicken to Poverty Hearing

Colorado State Rep. Lori Saine (R) reportedly brought fried chicken to a hearing today on poverty in an apparent defense of Colorado State Sen. Vicki Marble (R).

In August, Marble linked “barbecue” and “chicken” to high poverty rates among minorities.

At the time, Rep. Rhonda Fields (D) said she would not “engage in a dialogue where I’m in the company where you are using the stereotype references about African Americans and chicken and food and all kinds of things.”

“So I will ask that you suspend your perceptions and judgments about African Americans, about poverty what we’re trying to do is come up with solutions and it’s not about chicken."

Today, Saine appeared at the poverty hearing with a box of Popeye’s fried chicken, which she said was for Marble.

Later, when a KDVR reporter asked Saine about the chicken, she said: "I’m having chicken for dinner. Would you like a [press conference] at my house?”

Saine repeatedly dodged more questions about the chicken.

Source: KDVR


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