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Colorado Democratic Senator Irene Aguilar Fires Aid, Leads to Partisan Speculations

When Colorado’s Senator Irene Aguilar recently fired her young, homosexual aide without giving a formal explanation for her actions, her decision was speculatively attributed to partisan allegiances. Democrat Aguilar’s aide had visited the office of a friend, who worked for a Republican.

Tyler Drum, Aguilar’s aide, graduated from Colorado State University last year and has stated that his friendship with Republicans made Aguilar uncomfortable.

“Partisanship runs much deeper than I thought,” the 21-year-old Drum said. “I thought this would happen on the Republican side.”

During an orientation for legislatives aides last week, Drum sat with friends, including a Republican, from previous internships. He later introduced the Republican friend, who had previously interned with a Democrat, to his new co-workers, including Aguilar.

Briefly after the introduction, Aguilar pulled Drum aside and informed him that “the Democratic Leadership was uncomfortable with [his] friendship with [the Republican aide].”

This brief explanation served as the only information Drum received as rational for being fired.

“The Democratic Party is not as tolerant and accepting as I had thought,” Drum said.

Aguilar has disputed Drum’s claim, insisting, instead, that the story has been “distorted.” When asked on her Facebook page whether Drum was fired for being friends with a Republican, Aguilar’s answer was a terse and definitive “no.”

Drum’s past work experiences indicate deviations in his political preferences over the past years. He has previously interned with with Democratic Senator Andy Kerr, as well as with the Log Cabin Republicans, a group for gay conservatives.

When Drum was recommended for the position of Aguilar’s aide, she expressed reservations concerning the time he had spent with this conservative Republican group. She was apparently satisfied, however, by his response that he had been raised Republican but had recently become a Democrat.

Drum, now unemployed, has said, “Now I’m a disenchanted Democrat.” He joins the over 12% of 20-24 year olds unable to find employment in the U.S.

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