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CODEPINK "Gives Karl Rove Indigestion" at D.C. Luncheon

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By Medea Benjamin

On September 14, Karl Rove was speaking in Washington DC at a luncheon for the Legislative Conference of the American College of

Cardiology. Perhaps the cardiologists wanted to see how a guy without a heart can continue to breath and give lectures and evade accountability for his crimes!

DC CODEPINKers Joan Stallard, Brian Van Slyke and I went to greet him at the restaurant Johnny’s Half Shell. With our business attire and very little pink on, we got into the restaurant on the pretense of having lunch there. Rove’s party was in a private room, but we were monitoring it from our corner booth. When Rove started his speech, we burst into the luncheon room. Joan and I walked right up to the podium while Brian tried to get close enough to film. Karl was in mid-sentence when he saw us coming forward and blurted out, “These women are from CODEPINK!” We took out our handcuffs and proceeded to call for a citizen’s arrest and read the charges against him. We brought up the Iraq war lies, torture and Guantanamo, the manipulation of the 2000 and 2004 elections, and the new charges outlined by American Crossroads Watch ( against Rove’s plans to rig the upcoming elections in favor of corporate interests.

Rove immediately grabbed the handcuffs from my hand, and some of the guests started yelling for us to get out. The owner came running and threw us out. As we collected ourselves outside, one of the waiters came out to politely give us some signs we had left behind.

I’m sure Rove recovered quickly and went on to spew his lies. By now he must be accustomed to citizens demanding his arrest. But perhaps we at least caused him some indigestion!

Demand accountability and an end to dirty tricks! Arrest Karl Rove!!!


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