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Code Pink Snubbed by 'Sex and the City' Star Kristin Davis

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CODEPINK hand-delivered a letter to Sex & The City star and Oxfam ambassador Kristin Davis at an Ahava beauty products promotional event at Lord & Taylor in New York City, June 10. Davis is a paid spokesperson for Ahava, which obtains and manufactures its products in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. CODEPINK is asking Davis to educate herself about the facts of Ahava’s criminal theft and exploitation.

Dana Balicki (the bearer of the letter and CODEPINK’s Campaign Manager) said, “I told Kristin that her admirable work as an Oxfam Ambassador is undermined by her allowing AHAVA to use her good name and beautiful face to cover up their crimes. She looked none too thrilled I was there and told the publicity photographer not to take a picture.” A copy of the letter was also made available to the publicist on hand and fliers were handed out to those in line waiting for their own autographed photo of Kristin. Dana did not receive an autographed photo, but did get an official escort out of Lord & Taylor.

To learn more about Ahava’s “Stolen Beauty,” and to learn some facts about Ahava that will really make your skin crawl, go to


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