CNN's Jake Tapper Says Americans Prefer Security Over Freedom (Video)


During a recent broadcast on CNN about the NSA and its spying on Americans citizens, host Jake Tapper claimed that US citizens prefer security to liberty.

"But the bottom line is, I think the American people, honestly, want security over freedom," stated Tapper (video below).

While many people on YouTube were shocked and appalled that Tapper would dare make such a comment about American society, recent polls are pretty close when it comes to NSA surveillance.

According to a Pew Research Poll in July, only 56 percent of Americans believe that the federal courts fail to provide limits on the telephone and internet data that the NSA scoops up.

This national survey, conducted July 17-21 among 1,480 adults, also found that 50 percent of Americans approved of the government’s collection of telephone and internet data, while only 44 disapprove.

A new poll by The Washington Post says almost seven in 10 Americans are "concerned" about how much personal information government agencies and corporations collect, but that doesn't mean they actually object.

In fact, 70 percent of parents 40 or older, who are most likely to have teenagers, snoop on the web sites their children visit. Many also check their children’s texts, e-mails and social-media postings.

Sources: The Washington Post, Pew Research Poll, YouTube


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