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Trump's Handshake With Asian Leaders Goes Viral (Photos)

Trump's Handshake With Asian Leaders Goes Viral (Photos) Promo Image

Photos of President Donald Trump awkwardly smiling while attempting to participate in a cross-body handshake with other world leaders have gone viral, and some people were not happy with the fact that Trump would even associate with the man to his left, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte.

While attending the Association for Southeast Asian Nations conference in the Philippines on Nov. 13, Trump appeared to be caught off-guard when world leaders lined up for the event's traditional cross-body handshake, Daily Mail reported.

The 10-nation gathering in Manila was the final stop of Trump's five-country Asia tour. During the opening ceremonies, the master of ceremonies asked world leaders to give everyone their "brightest smile."

"It's the ASEAN handshake: right hand over left," the master of ceremonies instructed.

But Trump did not appear to understand the concept, as photographers captured him laughing as he struggled to lock hands with the other world leaders.

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Trump wasn't the only one confused by the handshake. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was also photographed grinning from ear to ear as he opted to open his arms wide instead of crossing them.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was asked on Nov. 12 if he believed reports that Duterte's government was commissioning narcotics squad executions. Kelly responded: "We'll check it out."

Duterte spoke at the conference the following day, telling the audience that "the menace of the illegal drug trade continues to threaten the fabric of our societies." He also praised other world leaders for standing up to terror group ISIS.

"I apologize for setting the tone of [my] statement in such a manner," Duterte said, adding that "these threats know no boundaries."

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Trump was scheduled to have bilateral sit-downs with Pacific Rim allies, such as Duterte, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The White House has since issued a statement on Trump's conversation with Duterte, CNN reported.

"The conversation focused on ISIS, illegal drugs and trade," said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. "Human rights briefly came up in the context of the Philippines' fight against illegal drugs."

However, Duterte's spokesman, Harry Roque, told CNN the topic "was not brought up." He said Duterte brought up the "drug menace" in the Philippines and that Trump "appeared sympathetic and did not have any official position on the matter but was merely nodding his head."

Trump also took to Twitter to remark on his trip.

"Great day of bilateral meetings at #ASEANSummit on trade, which we are turning around to be great deals for our country!" the president tweeted. "Will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow after many days of constant mtgs & work in order to #MAGA! My promises are rapidly being fulfilled."

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