Sen. Claire McCaskill: Benghazi Investigation Is About Politics, Not Policy


In an interview with ABC’s This Week, Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri said that the investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks has become a “political exercise.”

McCaskill criticized the congressional investigation and its potential impact on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential race.

“Benghazi has had more hearings, more documents produced, more investigative effort than the entire Iraq War,” she said.

McCaskill added that she felt it was “pretty clear” that Clinton “implemented all the recommendations of an independent review, she has answered all of the questions.

“And so I think that they are really getting into dangerous territory where it becomes blatantly obvious that this is just about politics and not about policy.”

McCaskill stood firm in her support of Clinton for President, saying that the race will focus on who will prove to be a “champion for working families in this country.”

“That's what this election is about. It's not about personalities. It's not about what someone looks like or it's not about political gotcha moments. It's about policy,” she said. “And I think what she's shown this week is she wants to go out one-on-one and make sure she is listening to the American people about their fears and frustrations. I think the way she's going about this campaign shows she's not interested in a coronation either.”

On the question of why nobody has stepped forward to challenge Clinton, McCaskill said it was because of the former Secretary of State’s unique qualifications.

“You have a cast of thousands on the Republican side because there's -- it's clear that many of them are reading Cliff Notes to try to figure out this dangerous world right now," she said.

Sources: The Hill, ABC News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, ABC News


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