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Clinton Still Leads A Tightening Race: Poll

Five days before Americans head to the polls to choose their next president, a New York Times/CBS News poll had the candidates locked in a tight race, with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton holding a slim lead.

Clinton enjoys the support of 45 percent of voters in a four-way contest that includes Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein. Republican nominee Donald Trump trails the former secretary of state with 42 percent support, the poll found.

About 6 in 10 voters told pollsters that late revelations in the campaign -- including news that the FBI had re-opened its probe into Clinton's emails and a recording of Trump speaking about groping women -- had not swayed their decisions. Those voters said they'd already made their minds up about the candidates, and so-called 11th-hour disclosures were not going to convince them to change their votes.

Both candidates have also consolidated their support among their respective parties' voters, The New York Times reported. Political moderates and independents were also split among Clinton and Trump.

That leaves less than 10 percent of voters who said they're still weighing their choices.

Clinton, who had leads of up to 10 percent following several weeks of bad news and scandals for Trump, has seen her lead shrink to 1.7 percent in the Real Clear Politics aggregate of national polls. That number remains constant in a head-to-head matchup and with third-party candidates factored in, the polls show.

Polls of battleground states also show the race tightening. An electoral vote predictor by Real Clear Politics also has the former first lady up, with 226 likely electoral votes to Trump's 180. But that's a significant dip from recent weeks when forecasts showed Clinton easily reaching the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, and some battleground states are too close to call.

Sources: The New York Times, Real Clear Politics (2) / Photo credit: Frydolin/Wikimedia Commons

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