Clinton Reaches Out To Trump Fans 'Reconsidering' Vote


At an Oct. 21 Ohio campaign rally, Hillary Clinton made a bid to anyone "reconsidering" backing Donald Trump, urging them to vote against the Republican nominee, whose prospective presidency she compared to a "dictatorship."

"I know you may still have questions for me," she told those in the swing state who are "reconsidering their support" for Trump, according to CNN. "I respect that, I want to answer them, I want to earn your vote, I am reaching out to all Americans, Democrats, Republicans and independents. I hope that as we move through these next 18 days, everyone thinks seriously about what you really want to see, not just in your next president, but in your lives, in your jobs, in your education, in our future together."

Clinton also addressed the third presidential debate, in which she squared off against her opponent for the final time on Oct. 19. At that event, Trump said that he will not automatically concede if he loses the election but will "look at it at the time" and keep people "in suspense" in the wake of his frequent charges that the election is "rigged."

"On Wednesday night, Donald Trump did something no other presidential nominee has ever done," Clinton said. "He refused to say he would respect the results of this election. Now, make no mistake, by doing that he is threatening our democracy… We know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship."

The race in the battleground state remains neck-and-neck, with Trump leading Clinton by less than a point, according to averages compiled by Real Clear Politics. A Suffolk University survey, released on Oct. 20, found the pair exactly tied in the state with 45 percent each. Clinton continues to chip away at the three-point lead that Trump had in the Suffolk September poll, as more and more independents switch their support from the Republican nominee to the Democratic one.

Sources: CNN, Suffolk University, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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