Clinton Edges Out Sanders In New Hampshire Poll

A Monmouth University poll released on Nov. 3 shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is currently leading in the primary state of New Hampshire. She edged out Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont by a margin of 3 percentage points.

New Hampshire will be the first state to vote in the Democratic primary. The new Monmouth University poll shows that Clinton currently leads with 48 percent of the vote followed by Sanders with 45 percent, CNN reports.

Sanders previously led in the Granite State in September with 43 percentage points, with Clinton following with 36 percent.

However, the landscape has changed since Vice President Joe Biden announced that he will not be running for president. The field has also thinned with the exits of former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.

The former Secretary of State’s resurgence in New Hampshire has been attributed to her strong performance in the first Democratic presidential debate and her testimony before the Benghazi Committee. Her campaign has also allegedly accused Sanders of sexism, NBC News reports

“The Clinton team has recently taken to charging Sanders with sexism over some of his remarks. This may be one reason why she has been able to win back women voters in her base," Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University’s Polling Institute, said, according to NBC.

Sanders allegedly “sexist” remarks were during the first Democratic debate, when he used the word “shouting” to describe Clinton’s stance on guns.

However, Tad Devine, Sanders' chief strategist, claimed that Clinton’s high polling in New Hampshire has been due to her campaign’s aggressive $4 million ad campaign in the state, CNN reports. He promises that the Sanders campaign will invest $2 million to level the playing field.

In an interview with MSNBC on Nov. 3, Sanders said that Clinton is “ahead in the polls because I think she is much better known than I am.”

"We started as an underdog [and] we are still an underdog," he added. "The kind of enthusiasm that we are generating tells me that, at the end of the day, we are going to win this election.”

The Monmouth poll was conducted between Oct. 29-Nov. 1, CNN reports.

Sources: CNN, NBC News, MSNBC / Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot, U.S. Embassy Kabul Afghanistan/Flickr


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