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The Clinton Foundation Will Still Accept Foreign Government Donations During Hillary's Campaign

Hillary Clinton has announced her decision to run for president, and it’s impacting how and from whom the Clinton Foundation is accepting donations.

The board of the Clinton Foundation voted Wednesday to make its operation more transparent and restrict foreign donations. Craig Minassian, the foundation’s spokesman, said in a statement that the foundation will only accept large donations from a select few foreign governments that have supported health, climate change and poverty programs. 

Due to the new rule, only Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Norway can contribute to the Clinton Foundation, which seeks to "strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence” by focusing on global health issues, economic empowerment, leadership opportunities and racial, ethnic and religious cooperation, according to the foundation’s website.

"While it's common for global charities to receive international support, it's rare to find an organization as transparent as the Clinton Foundation," Minassian said in his statement. 

Though the foundation was founded by her husband, Hillary Clinton has made an effort to distance herself from the charity since announcing her run for the presidency; she has resigned from the foundation's board.

When Hillary obtained the secretary of state post in 2009, she and Bill Clinton signed a transparency agreement to avoid conflicts of interest. However, Hillary acknowledged to Reuters that parts of the agreement were broken; a list of donors has not been published since 2010, and donations from foreign governments have not been submitted to the State Department for an ethics review. The charity blamed oversights. 

The new guidelines don’t prohibit foreign individuals or companies from donating.

Sources: Clinton Foundation, The Washington Post, Reuters / Image via Roger H. Goun/Flickr


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