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'This Is Typical Republican Scare Tactics': Clinton Calls Out GOP's Opposition To Paid Family Leave

"I'm sick of it!" Hillary Clinton said during the first Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13, expressing her frustration with what she referred to as Republicans' "big government" hypocrisy when dealing with women's health care.

Near the end of the debate, CNN moderator Dana Bush asked the former secretary of State and Democratic presidential front-runner what she thought about GOP candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina's claim that paid family leave would hurt small businesses. Fiorina is the only other woman in the presidential race.

"This is typical Republican scare tactics. We can design a system…that does not put the burden on small business," Clinton said, pointing out that Fiorina's home state of California has actually seen success with their laws on the issue.

Then, Clinton's response took a turn toward the personal.

"I remember as a young mother having a baby wake up who was sick, and I’m supposed to be in court because I was practicing law. I know what it is like. And I think we need to recognize the incredible challenges that so many parents [have], particularly working moms,” Clinton said. 

“We need to get a consensus through this campaign, which is why I’m talking about it everywhere I go and we need to join the rest of the advanced world in having it," Clinton added.

Clinton then used her response to point out the perceived hypocrisy of a Republican Party that has time and again attacked her and the Obama administration for promoting policies which the Republicans deem to be too much "big government."

“When people say that it’s always the Republicans or their sympathizers who say you can’t have paid leave, you can’t provide health care — they don’t mind having government interfere with a woman’s right to choose or to try to take down Planned Parenthood,” Clinton said, eliciting applause from the crowd. “They’re fine with big government when it comes to that. I’m sick of it!

“ ... We should not be paralyzed by the Republicans and their constant refrain of ‘big government this, big government that’ except for what they want to impose on the American people."

Sources: Yahoo! Politics, TIME

Photo credit: Wikimedia, U.S. Embassy London/Flickr


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