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Clinton Criticizes Congress For Not Allowing Vote On Gun Bill


Hillary Clinton blasted Congress for not allowing a vote on a gun law bill that would make it illegal for people on the no-fly list to purchase guns.

Clinton criticized those in the House and Senate during a speech at the Brady Center in New York on Nov. 19, CNN reported.

“Leaders in the House and Senate won't even allow a vote on whether we should prevent people on the no-fly list from buying guns, including possible terrorists,” she said.

“It is just beyond one's imagination; these are people too dangerous to be let on airplanes but Congress won't stop them from getting guns. It is just something that makes no sense."

The previous day, Clinton tweeted about the bill — which had just been blocked by Congress.

“After the events in Paris and with thousands of gun deaths in the US each year, hard to fathom this from the GOP,” she wrote. 

During her speech, Clinton called the issue of gun violence a “national emergency.”

“It is long past time to say enough,” the former Secretary of State said. “Enough talk. Enough delay. It is time to act."

Clinton was at the Brady Center to receive the Mario M. Cuomo Leadership Award at the center’s annual Bear Awards Gala.

“There is no reason whatsoever of why we can't come together to take action,” she said at the gala. “The problem is not finding common ground. The problem is politicians finding the courage."

Sources: CNN, Newsweek / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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