Clinton Claims She Forgot Intel Rules Due To Concussions

Hillary Clinton told FBI agents that she didn't know she was required to keep records of her emails after leaving office, didn't remember numerous briefings on data security protocols, and didn't understand that documents marked with a "C" were classified, newly released documents from the FBI show.

She also blamed a concussion and blood clots in 2012 for her fuzzy memory, saying she forgot the briefings she received when she left office as Secretary of State, according to notes from the FBI's interview with the Democratic presidential candidate on July 2.

The FBI said it released the 11 pages of notes -- and a 47-page summary of the investigation into Clinton's use of private email servers -- in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from several news agencies and citizen groups.

In regard to mailing and receiving classified information improperly, the former Secretary of State blamed her underlings. "She relied on State officials to use their judgment when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address," the FBI's report concludes, according to Politico.

Clinton said those underlings “were experienced foreign service professionals and she had no reason to doubt their judgment and ability to handle classified information," the FBI report added.

Separately, the FBI's notes said Clinton claimed 39 times during the interview that she could "not recall" or "remember" details about security training or the handling of classified emails, a report by CNN states. Those notes were released on Sept. 2, a Friday afternoon just before the long Labor Day weekend, a traditionally slow time during the news cycle.

Donald Trump's campaign seized on the newly-released documents immediately.

“Hillary Clinton is applying for a job that begins each day with a Top Secret intelligence briefing, and the notes from her FBI interview reinforce her tremendously bad judgment and dishonesty," Trump spokesman Jason Miller told Politico. "Clinton’s secret email server was an end run around government transparency laws that wound up jeopardizing our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts."

Clinton's actions, Miller argued, were a way of concealing "rampant conflicts of interest and a pay-to-play culture that rewarded Clinton Foundation donors with access and favors."

Brian Fallon, Clinton's press secretary, said the newly-released notes exonerate his boss from claims that she intentionally had emails deleted or has been dishonest about her use of private email servers.

"We are pleased that the FBI has released the materials from Hillary Clinton's interview, as we had requested," Fallon wrote in an email statement to Politico. "While her use of a single email account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials make clear why the Justice Department believed there was no basis to move forward with this case."

Sources: Politico, CNN, People / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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