Hillary Clinton To Launch Grassroots Campaign In All 50 States

As Republicans scramble to determine a front runner, Hillary Clinton is already on the move to gain support in all 50 states. 

Today, Clinton’s presidential campaign announced its "Ramp Up Grassroots Organizing Program,” which will send staffers to every state to build an infrastructure of volunteers. 

So far, Clinton’s campaign has been marked by small, intimate events such as meeting with community college students in rural Iowa. However, she’ll be tacking larger events soon -- next month she’ll be at a major rally. 

In the campaign video that announced the "Ramp Up Grassroots Organizing Program,” Marlon Marshall, Clinton's director of state campaigns, says: "Organizing is the heart and soul of this campaign. As we speak, things are ramping up in all 50 states and the territories. Face-to-face conversations with your friends and neighbors are how we will win. So we're doubling down on old-school organizing.”

Clinton’s website prominently features several opportunities for volunteering in every state. 

Clinton’s campaign is also making a major push for funding. Recently, the campaign announced it's strategy of recruiting “Hillstarters,” who will need to raise $2,700 each -- the maximum an individual can donate during a primary. Clinton is reportedly trying to raise $100 million for the primary elections.

Sources: Huffington Post (2), Hillary for America / Image via Facebook


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