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Hillary Clinton On Planned Parenthood: GOP Launching 'Assault On Women's Health'

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In a new campaign video, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton attacked her most prominent Republican rivals for supporting petitions to defund Planned Parenthood, the reproductive health organization that has come under heavy scrutiny for allegedly purchasing fetal organs.

In the video, Clinton speaks into the camera and calls out three Republican presidential hopefuls by name — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — for taking legislative action to inhibit or defund Planned Parenthood as leaders of their respective states.

“Republicans like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are calling to defund Planned Parenthood, the country’s leading provider of reproductive health care,” Clinton said. “And they are joined by Republicans in Congress, who will not waste a minute in voting to make that happen.”

Clinton’s last assertion actually proved to be false, with the Republican-controlled Senate not receiving enough votes to override a Democratic filibuster on Aug. 3 to defund Planned Parenthood.

Two Republican senators, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Mark Kirk of Illinois, both voted “No” on defunding the organization. Moreover, two Senate Democrats — Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana — voted in favor to defund, The Washington Post reported.

“If this feels like a full-on assault on women’s health, that’s because it is,” she added.

Planned Parenthood has been the subject of controversy for nearly a month since videos were released allegedly showing organization representatives making deals to purchase fetal tissue from aborted infants. The undercover videos, filmed by the conservative Center for Medical Progress, have been criticized by Planned Parenthood representatives and Democrats who believe the videos were altered to show the health organization in a negative light.

Last week, Clinton referred to the videos as “disturbing” but still continued to support Planned Parenthood, Business Insider noted. She went on to attack the Republican candidates who have supported different measures aimed at reducing the federal taxpayer funding that Planned Parenthood receives.

“Gov. Walker defunded Planned Parenthood and left women across the state stranded with nowhere else to turn. We’ve seen them in Florida, where Jeb Bush funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into abstinence-only programs while gutting funds for crucial family planning programs. And we’ve seen them in Texas, where Gov. Perry drastically cut funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings.”

Sources: Business Insider, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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