Climategate, Obama, and other Frauds

I though I'd start off this round with a joke: Obama, the two-term president.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.......  the latest regarding the 'Climategate' conspiracy saw the most recent inquiry - which lasted a whole day - 'exonerate' scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA).  This followed the conclusions of two previous inquires, both of which were done internally by the UAE.  Does anyone trust an organization, caught red-handed with evidence of fraud, lies, and collusion, to investigate itself? (hat tip to Lorrie Goldstein, QMI Agency).......

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs found himself in hot water for his opinion that the Republicans could take the House in the fall. This led to a closed-door meeting for Democrats.  Unconfirmed reports suggest House speaker Nancy Pelosi was extremely agitated over the comments, while others claimed that she had just woke up on the wrong side of the web.......  so the NAACP is calling the Tea Party crowd 'racist'.  This would be an example of the pot calling the kettle...um, black...except in this instance, the kettle isn't racist.  Projection, anyone?.......   Liberal opposition leader Michael Ignatieff's East-to-West cross-country tour is off to a typical liberalesque start.  After a speech in Hawkesbury, Ontario, his 'Liberal express' bus broke down.  No matter what the Liberals do, they just can't break through to the West.......

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are back together, proving that intelligence is not a genetic trait.......  there should be a permanent memorial or similar recognition for Canada's 'Highway of Heroes', the section of Ontario's 401 between Glen Miller Road in Trenton and the intersection of the Don Valley Parkway and Highway 404 in Toronto that is often travelled by a convoy of vehicles carrying a fallen soldier's body returning from Afghanistan.  The crowds that line the overpasses to pay their respects has become international news and a proud, patriotic symbol at home.......  the Toronto G8/G20 is long over, but the finger-pointing goes on and on with talk of police inquiries, allegations of false arrests, etc.  World leaders: next time, use web cams.......  my Republican dream-team: Palin-Bolton 2012.......  the only thing standing in the way between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his elusive majority government is Stephen Harper.......  a solution to the 'Bloc Quebecois' problem: make it mandatory that any party running in a federal election have at least one candidate in each province and territory. 

Good luck to the Quebec separatists on that one.......  Canadian 'prince of pot' Marc Emery has been extradited, convicted, and jailed down in the U.S. for selling seeds over the internet.  The entire benefit this has created: not one gram less on the street, but one less space in an American jail for a real criminal...... Mel Gibson goes on another racist, sexist tirade that grabs the attention of the world over, yet I'd still rather have a beer with him than his Hugo Chavez-loving, socialist, crap-weasel Lethal Weapon co-star Danny Glover.


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