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Chuck Hagel Delays Minuteman 3 Missile Test Citing North Korean Tensions

The only thing we know for sure about Kim Jong-Un is that he loves Dennis Rodman. Other than that, no one has any clue about him or his motivation.

With that in mind, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has decided to delay an intercontinental ballistic missile testing exercise to avoid it being misinterpreted and exacerbating the North Korea situation.

The testing of the “Minuteman 3” had been planned even prior to the rise of tensions in North Korea, but considering it is a nuclear weapon, this is probably a smart move by Hagel.

When you consider how intimidating and threatening these missiles are by description only, you can understand why North Korea or any other country could take the testing as a perceived threat instead.

The globe-circling intercontinental ballistic missiles make up one of the three legs of America's nuclear arsenal. There are about 450 Minuteman 3 missiles based in underground silos in the north-central U.S. The other two legs of the nuclear arsenal are submarine-launched ballistic missiles and weapons launched from big bombers, such as the B-52 and the stealthy B-2

The testing of the Minuteman 3 has been delayed until sometime next month.

Sources: FoxNews, ABCNews


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