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Chrysler Gives 55,000 Employees the Day Off to Vote

Chrysler's vice president of design, Ralph Gilles, tweeted on Tuesday that the car company gave its 55,000 employees the day off to vote.

"Let's go!" he wrote on Twitter, reports

The extraordinary action by the car company appears to be a shot at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has falsely claimed in TV and radio ads, airing in Ohio, that Chrysler was moving Jeep manufacturing jobs to China.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne denied the story numerous times, fact checkers debunked it, but the Romney campaign kept running the ads.

Gilles also slammed the China claim when it was made by Donald Trump last week. Gilles tweeted: "Trump You are full of sh*t!"

The UAW [United Auto Workers] has been a strong supporter of Obama and has campaigned on his decision to bail out the auto industry.


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