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Christopher Castillo Faces Trial for Facebook Status Threatening to Kill Obama

A Florida man is on trial after he posted a Facebook status that explained he was going to kill President Barack Obama if he was re-elected. 

Christopher Castillo, 28, wrote a status the day before Election Day that read:

"That's the last straw, if he gets re-elected I'm going to hunt him down and kill him watch the life disappear from his eyes."

A man reported Castillo to the Secret Service and agents were sent to his home in Melbourne, Florida on November 8.  

When agents attempted to determine Castillo's motive, they asked him what he would do if the president were in front of him at that moment. 

Castillo responded that he would "b**ch slap him, and beat the s**t out of him." He also said he would call Obama a terrorist. 

He was arrested shortly after. 

Frank, Castillo's father, believes his son would not act on the threats and that his son was not a "loose cannon." 

Castillo's trial started on Tuesday.

Public defender James Smith described Castillo simply as an "Internet Troll," and said he was not violent. 

Assistant US Attorney Shawn Napier said that Castillo never told the agents during the interview that he was joking. 

Smith defends Castillo by saying that he was faced with a number of stressors at the time, including a recent job loss. He said his mental state was fragile and that he had even attempted to commit suicide. Castillo said many things during that time that he did not mean. 

He said Castillo made the comment in response to another comment about the president, and that the statement was more of a promise than a threat. 

The man who reported Castillo said he felt that the threat could be real.

This threat came around the same time as another suspicious comment was made by a 22-year-old woman.

Denise Helms was investigated for writing "maybe [Obama] will get assassinated" on Facebook. She was then fired by her employer, Cold Stone Creamery. The company said they were just as shocked "as you were by her outrageous and completely unacceptable comments."



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