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Christians Call For Obama to Rescind Iran's July 4th Invites

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Obama Administration refuses to rescind its invitation for Iranian diplomats to attend 4th of July celebrations at US embassies around the world.

This invitation still stands in spite of the Iranian government brutalizing and murdering their people as they peacefully cry for human rights and fair elections.

This is a slap in the face and disgrace to all Iranians who are seeking human rights and justice, especially to those like Neda, a 26 year old student, who was gunned down for simply yearning for freedom.

The group wonders aloud what the next step by President Obama will be toward Iran. Inviting them to a New Year's Eve party after they launch a nuclear attack on Israel?

The Christian Defense Coalition calls upon the faith community to pray and fast for the people of Iran as they engage in this historic struggle for freedom.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states,

"It is an absolute disgrace that the Obama Administration has refused to rescind their invitation to Iranian diplomats to attend 4th of July celebrations at US embassies around the world.

"This invitation is still in place even after the Iranian government has brutally murdered, beaten, jailed and tortured innocent Iranian citizens for peacefully crying out for human rights and fair elections.

"President Obama has chosen to ignore the sacrifices of people like Neda, the 26 year old student, who gave her life for the cause of freedom. What kind of message is this sending to these heroic young people who are only seeking their God given rights for social justice and liberty? I also wonder what kind of message this is sending to the leaders of Iran who are being rewarding for oppressing and brutalizing their own people?

"Is this the new Obama foreign policy doctrine?

"What makes this even more troubling is the fact that it is a 4th of July celebration. Think of the tragic irony of this situation. President Obama is inviting Iranian leaders who brutalize and murder their own people for seeking liberty and freedom, to a holiday celebrating America's historic victory seeking liberty and freedom.

"One thing is clear from the Obama Administration. If you are Iran, you will be rewarded for crushing human rights and democracy."


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