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'Prophet' Claims God Told Him To Help Re-Elect Kansas Governor (Video)

Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike recently interviewed Chuck Pierce, a self-proclaimed "prophetic apostle," who claimed God told him to help re-elect the governor of Kansas.

While they never mentioned Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback by name, Brownback has well-known ties to the New Apostolic Reformation, which Pierce is involved in. Brownback, a Republican, was up for re-election last November.

According to, Pierce claimed on Jacobs' TV show "God Knows" that "the Lord" told him to go to Kansas and added, "If you'll go there and draw my people together in worship, I will shift the environment of that entire election."

Pierce organized prayer events in Kansas, and Brownback appeared at them.

"As a matter of fact, it's called The Lazarus Election, because there was no way, they had assumed that thing was dead," Pierce said. "And that night of worship, the prophetic that came down from Heaven shifted and turned around, your word, turned around that whole situation into a triumph like never before."

Brownback cut taxes in 2012 with a promise of prosperity, but instead Kansas has faced economic troubles, incuding a downgrading on its credit rating.

Brownback recently proposed cutting funding for public schools to the tune of almost $45 million, noted MSNBC, and announced he was going to institute a tax hike on cigarettes and liquor, reported, but would push to eliminate the state income tax.

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