Chris Christie Would Love His Hypothetical Gay Child, Then Tell Him He Can't Get Married

When Gov. Chris Christie was asked during the New Jersey gubernatorial debate on Tuesday what he would say if one of his kids said they were gay and wanted to get married.

“I’d hug my child and tell them I love them,” Christie said. But he would also tell them “that Dad believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

“My children understand that there are going to be differences of opinion in our house and in houses all across this state and across this country,” Christie said, according to Politico.

Christie’s Democratic opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono — who has an openly gay daughter — disapproved of Christie’s argument that gay marriage should be addressed through a voter referendum instead of by the state’s Supreme Court or Legislature.

In September, Christie was seeking to appeal a court ruling that would allow gay marriages to be conducted in New Jersey. However, a state Superior Court judge declined to delay the set date of Oct. 21, which is when the Garden State will begin officiating same-sex marriages.

“The governor is consistent,” Buono said. “He’s consistently aligned ... his social views ... with Sarah Palin, the Iowa Republican Caucus, but certainly not in line with New Jerseyans. You know, this is a human rights issue. This governor equates it with guns and taxes.”

Christie does endorse civil unions, but in February of 2012, the governor vetoed a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to marry in New Jersey. He repeated his stance that any amendment to the State Constitution should be put to a voter referendum, not by “121 people in the Statehouse.”

“Let the people of New Jersey decide what is right for the state,” Christie said in the debate.

If same-sex marriage was approved in the state, Christie says he would still respect voters, but pointed out that the decision has no place with the courts or legislature, Politico reported.


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