Chris Christie Suggests 'Military Approach' To Solve Territorial Dispute With China

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke in New Hampshire on June 8 on the dangers of China, education reform and other topics that reminded the audience of a presidential candidate.

Christie has yet to announce if he will join the increasingly crowded field of Republican presidential hopefuls, but his latest stop in the all-important primary state of New Hampshire would signal that the outspoken governor will run for the White House, reported

Another indication of his running for the position of commander in chief is that Christie is term-limited in New Jersey, meaning he is not eligible to run for governor again. Also, his latest stop in New Hampshire is one of several he has already made since the beginning of the year.

Christie spoke about his disappointment in President Barack Obama for not sending American warplanes over the South China Sea, where China has claimed control of a group of islands as its own.

The governor insisted there are “limits” to what the Chinese government can do with open territories.

“That is an issue that we can handle militarily by going out there and making sure that we show them that we don’t respect their claims to these artificial islands in the South China Sea that they’re building that they’re saying are theirs that are hundreds and hundreds of miles from the coast of China and are clearly in international waters. We need to send that signal to the Chinese very clearly that we do not acknowledge nor will we respect their claims to those areas,” Christie said.

China has claimed the rights to islands that it has been creating for years. But U.S. officials, specifically Defense Secretary Ash Carter, have yet to acknowledge the land as China’s and has begun publicly discussing the matter, The Washington Post reported.

Christie also voiced his disappoint in the education system, particularly the use of technology in the classroom. He believes textbooks should return to classrooms in place of tablet computers, which are now more frequently used to collaborate on different subjects. The governor will likely comment more on education in a speech in Iowa on June 11.

Christie is expected to announce his presidential aspirations later this month.

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