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Christie Sets Record For Lowest Approval Rating

Chris Christie has set an unfortunate new record with the lowest approval rating of any governor in polling history.

Quinnipiac University has measured gubernatorial approval for 20 years, and the New Jersey Republican has the worst scores in that entire time period, with 77 percent of voters in his state saying that they disapprove of him and just 19 percent saying the opposite.

"How the mighty have fallen," said Maurice Carroll, Quinnipiac's assistant poll director. "Remember four years ago, when Republican leaders were pleading with New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie to run for president and he looked like a sure thing for reelection – which he was? Now the neighbors have handed him the most dubious of honors, the lowest approval rating ever measured for a governor in the states surveyed by the Quinnipiac University Poll."

Carroll went on to speculate that the remaining duration of Christie's term in office "could be a long final year" and pointed out that the former presidential candidate's approval ratings "get worse any time anyone looks," as he had 64 percent disapproval and 29 percent approval during the last survey in May.

"If Christie were a student, his marks would be terrible, mostly D and F," explained Carroll.

The once-popular governor's ratings tanked after he and several members of his administration were accused of knowingly creating a serious four-day traffic jam near the George Washington Bridge, the most heavily used bridge in the world, to retaliate against a mayor who refused to endorse Christie, according to the Washington Post. Two former aides have pleaded guilty for their involvement in "Bridgegate," while Christie and his legal team maintain that the governor had no part in it.

But the vast majority of New Jersey voters say that Christie was complicit in the 2013 traffic jam, with 48 percent of voters telling Quinnipiac that he personally ordered the jam and 43 percent saying he did not. An overwhelming 71 percent majority said that he was aware of it in some capacity, compared to 22 percent who said he had no knowledge, and 56 percent said that Christie's potential role in the scandal should be investigated in more depth.

A majority of 69 percent to 24 percent said that President-elect Donald Trump should not offer Christie a position in his cabinet.

Sources: Quinnipiac, Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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