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Chris Christie On Gun Violence: 'We're Not Enforcing The Law In This Country'

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In an interview on CNBC, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the recent Virginia shooting and said that current gun laws should be more heavily enforced.

“I’ll tell you what I am more scared of, I’m more scared of criminals than I am of guns,” Christie said on the CNBC show "Squawk Box."

In a separate interview on Fox News, Christie called for a stricter enforcement of gun laws rather than new restrictions on ownership.

“The deaths are an awful tragedy, but let’s focus on what the real problem is: We’re not enforcing the law in this country,” he said. “We’ve got plenty of laws on the books that deal with gun violence; we just don’t enforce them."

Christie’s comments came just two days after the deaths of a TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia during a live broadcast.

“I think most Americans are just tired, tired of violence, tired of lawlessness, and we want folks to do something about it,” the GOP presidential candidate said in another interview on CBS. 

“First off, we should be doing more about mental health in this country," he added. "The fact is, we need to have more information about people's mental health background.

"But we don't need new laws in this country to be able to do that. We have laws that exist now. We just need to enforce the ones that we do.”

Sources: The Hill, MSNBC

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Bob Jagendorf/Wikipedia CC


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