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New Jersey Votes To Ban Christie From Closed Beaches (Photos)

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The New Jersey Assembly took action on July 31 after the state's Republican governor, Chris Christie, was spotted on a beach with his family during a government shutdown that closed the spot to members of the public.

If the state legislature has its way, Christie won't be able to repeat his behavior.

The Assembly voted 63 to 2 in favor of a bill that bans any New Jersey governor from using the Island Beach State Park beach mansion during government shutdowns, notes The New York Daily News.

State Assemblyman John Wisniewski introduced the legislation on July 13 in response to the governor's controversial beach day on July 2.

"All residential property owned by the State and provided exclusively or primarily for the use of the Governor, including the Governor's ocean house at Island Beach State Park, shall be closed and not available for use by the Governor, the Governor's family, or any other person or entity during a state of emergency that is declared," says the bill, according to the New York Daily News.

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After the photos were taken of Christie lounging on the water with his family during the state's budget disagreement, the governor's job approval ratings plummeted to a new low of 15 percent, with a full 80 percent of respondents expressing disapproval in a Monmouth University poll released on July 10.

In the same poll, a 55-percent majority said that New Jersey is worse off with Christie as governor; only 15 percent said the state was better off with Christie at the helm.

"It really is difficult to drive approval ratings into the single digits barring something like a criminal conviction," Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said. "However, you have to admire Christie's seeming tenacity for trying to get his numbers down to that level. In reality, Christie may have found the floor for his ratings, but it's a level where most of his constituents now feel his time on office has hurt the state."

Though the former presidential candidate's spokespeople have refrained from commenting on the issue, Christie himself has said that he will not "apologize for it" or "back away from it," notes CBS News.

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"If they had flown that plane over that beach and I was sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde in that beach chair next to me, that's a story," said Christie, according to CBS. "I wasn't sitting next to a 25-year-old blonde. I was sitting next to my wife of 31 years."

Sources: New York Daily News, Monmouth UniversityCBS News / Photo credits: Gage Skidmore/FlickrAndrew Mills/NJ Advanced Media

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