Chris Brown deserves another chance


I am from the Caribbean and I say give Chris Brown another chance.  How long should he pay for this?  He seems sincere about his apology and he has repeated this several times.  There are other celebrities who have hit women,  some worse than Rihanna and they are not being condemned.  It is unfair to use him as an example when some celebrities, including those who are against him now are worse, but keep it in the closet.  Abuse is not only physical. He is young and I am sure he has learnt from  his mistakes. 

I heard him sing at BET's "Hope for Haiti" telethon and he can really sing  and his music deserves to  be aired  on the radio and on television.  I think he has paid the price.  The bosses at the radio stations who think that his music should not be played,  should investigate some of their  employees and maybe they would have to consider firing some of them for abuse.  Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Give the boy a chance, let him do what he does best.   Stop being such hypocrites.   We all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance.


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