China's "Obama Fried Chicken" Racist?

A restaurant in China called "Obama Fried Chicken" is being called racist here in America.

The store in Beijing basically uses the same logo as Kentucky Fried Chicken, except a caricature of a smiling Obama replaces the Iconic picture of Col. Sanders. A tagline in Chinese reads "We're so cool, aren't we?"

Perhaps the Chinese find this funny but no one here is laughing.

"It’s insulting, offensive and plays to racial stereotypes,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told the New York Post. “What makes it even worse is that when we deal with this global competition between the US and China, for them to be mocking the leader of the free world, I find it even more appalling.”

But here's the thing -- this is not the first restaurant named Obama Fried Chicken. In fact, one exists in the longtime capital of black America, Harlem.

A chicken joint there renamed its store in 2009 as an honor to Obama.

“For us, it’s different,” claimed store manager Momodou Jallow. “There’s no disrespectful picture."

Jallow said the picture makes all the difference.

“You can’t degrade the president like that,” Jallow said. “It’s sketched that way to make fun of Obama so people will buy fried chicken."


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