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Children's Publisher Re-Issues Anti-Terrorist Coloring Books, Slams Obama (Video)

Really Big Coloring Books, a publishing company in St. Louis, Mo., is re-issuing its anti-terrorist coloring books for children.

Wayne Bell, the founder of Really Big Coloring Books, made the announcement on a video (below) that he posted on YouTube on Aug. 25.

“[Our books] tell the truth, they tell it often, and they tell the children,” claimed Bell. “These are books that actually explain what’s going on today. We called it a couple of years ago. We said that terrorists were going to murder people. They're murdering people by the hundreds, by the thousands."

"Today, right now in Iraq, they're cutting children in half because they're Christian children," added Bell. "We're trying to educate the country, so these are not fun books. I must tell you these are serious books. These are books to be used with a parent and a child."

"We're doing our part, we’re trying to educate the country on these animals, these brutal people, these terrible humans on the planet called ISIS, these terrorists," stated Bell.

Bell also claimed that he got a letter from the White House, which was "not very happy that we were teaching children the 'word terror.'"

According The Daily Beast, Bell provided them with two pages from the coloring book, including a crucifixion with the caption: “This is what ISIS wants to bring to America and its people. What are you going to do when they come for you?”

The second coloring book page shows five Gitmo detainees released for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the caption: “Obama administration broke the law by freeing 5 Taliban terrorists. Back to the battlefield.”

According to Bell's website, the coloring books will "open dialogue inside the Islamic community":

This is not an easy subject or press release, this is difficult, these products are complicated and require adult supervision while addressing the murders of innocent Christian children, adults and also entire families at the hands of brutal animal terrorists. In an effort to explain and educate today's youth about this hard core cultural subject the terrorist must be discussed with open dialogue inside the Islamic community.

Sources:, The Daily Beast


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