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Chicago Mayor Wants Gun Purchases Videotaped

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed new gun laws, which would require every gun sale to be recorded.

Inside gun stores, video cameras would record all sales of guns, which would be limited to one handgun per month per customer, noted CBS Chicago.

Also, under the proposed regulations, gun stores could not be located within 500 feet of a school or park. Gun shops would have to install lighting outside, surveillance cameras and alarms.

Store employees would have to be fingerprinted, undergo background checks and be trained on how to identify potential gun traffickers.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there would be a 72-hour waiting period for buying handguns and a 24-hour wait for rifles and shotguns.

Gun sellers would be required to have secure storage of their guns and ammunition, and keep a record of all gun sales to help identify gun traffickers.

Finally, Chicago police would have to approve a gun store’s security before that store could open to the public.

The city of Chicago previously tried to ban gun sales by licensed dealers, which was shot down by a federal court in January. However, the court gave Chicago six months to come up with these alternative rules.

Sources: Chicago TribuneCBS Chicago


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