Chesterfield County Elementary School Refuses to Allow First Lady Michelle Obama to Speak

First Lady Michelle Obama recently requested to speak at the Chesterfield County Elementary School in Virginia, but county school leaders rejected her request, reports the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Dale District Supervisor Jim Holland, the only Democrat on the five-member school board, disagreed with the rejection. 

He told the Richmond-Times Dispatch: “I do believe and think that Mrs. Obama, the first lady, should be allowed to attend a Chesterfield school. I know it’s not school policy. However, I just do not agree with that, because I think it’s an honor for the first lady to visit a school. That’s just my personal opinion as supervisor."

Later, the school division’s community relations director, Tim Bullis, released a statement: “If a political campaign were to inquire about the use of a school facility during the school day, the campaign would be referred to a School Board policy 6100, which prohibits the use of school facilities during the school day for political purposes."

The Obama campaign responded in a statement: “Any time the campaign looks at venues for events, we consider a range of options. The school was only one of several options being considered in the greater Richmond area, and CenterStage theater was ultimately determined to be the best fit for this event."


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