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Chelsea Clinton Slams Trump In Letter To Kids

Chelsea Clinton Slams Trump In Letter To Kids  Promo Image

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has published a provocative letter addressed to her children.

The letter is about the 2016 election and the future of American politics, the Daily Mail observes. 

The letter was published in Teen Vogue and went live online on Dec. 19.

"[F]or me, the 2016 Election was most of all about you and the world I wanted for you and your generation to grow up in," the 37-year-old activist said in the letter to Charlotte, 3, and Aidan, 1. "While your grandmother's name was on the ballot, for me, it was an election fundamentally about our country's future, about your future." 

Then she wrote of their societal status. "We are very blessed and lucky," she said. "Lucky in our privilege -- you do not know what it is like to be hungry, to be homeless, to not have health care, to not have books to read, to not have a safe place to play in, to not know if your parents may be taken away in the night, to not have safe drinking water."

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From there, she segued into the issue of race. "You will not have to worry about whether you may be shot because of your skin color colliding with generations of racist rot," she told her kids.

Eventually, she transitioned into a critique of President Donald Trump.

Referring to the 2016 presidential campaign, she wrote how her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, "talked about how people with racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic views that then-candidate Trump emboldened and validated."

She explained her mother "repeatedly called out then-candidate Trump and others for their hate speech," on the campaign trail. 

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Next, the former first daughter herself called out Donald Trump:

I foolishly used to believe that the political and the personal could be separated; I no longer believe that. We have a president who excuses neo-Nazis, who wants to ban members of our military because of who they are and keep out immigrants because of who they worship; that's personal regardless of our religion, our gender, or where we're from. We have a president who denies science, whether it's vaccines or climate change or evidence that, yes, health insurance helps save lives; that's personal, too, because it's about protecting our public health today and in the future. The marked rise in bullying in our schools, with some kids citing President Trump's words to taunt others? That's personal, too. Protecting children isn't someone else's job; it's all our jobs -- even if the president doesn't think it's his.

Clearly viewing the current president as a step backward for the country, she said that the election of Donald Trump makes it clear that "who is elected to office matters," and that "a core lesson of this time in your early lives is that progress is possible, but it is not inevitable. It must be protected and advanced at the ballot box and beyond."

Speaking of the role of citizenship in a democracy, she advised: "We're citizens not just when we campaign or when we vote or when we protest. We're citizens every day in the way we treat one another, what we stand for, and what we stand against."

She closed by telling her children that she "really can't wait to hear what you think about, well, everything, including 2016." 

And she ended on a positive note. "The 2016 election didn't have the outcome I hoped for, but my hopes for your futures haven't changed."

As for Chelsea Clinton's own future, it is widely assumed that it will include running for political office, as Politico observes. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Teen Vogue, Politico / Featured Image: Ted Eytan/Flickr / Embedded Images: Edward Kimmel/Flickr (2)

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