I don't understand what you expected from Hollywood.  Their writers will take any true story, throw in a sexual part, combine two or three real people, create (for effect) a few things that never happened and the public, that dosent bother to read the true story, will swallow the whole thing as fact.  I suspect, no matter how fantastic the real story is, that Hollywood has never found a sory they feel is good enought not to rewrite.  The words "based on a true story" is at least an honest give away that they have screwed around with the real story.  In the credits along with the "no animals were injured in the making of this picture" they should also run " no arthors work was destroyed in the making of this film." And one wonders if the history that will be written down 30 years from now will be taken from the movie or the facts.  Che was a fanatic who cared little for other people and I hope the Hollywood movies of his life will not change that...perhaps thats why Castro sent him off to die killing people in South America. 


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