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Charlie Daniels Attacks President Obama on 'Birther' Web Site

Country music singer Charlie Daniels recently spoke to World News Daily ( one of the main sources for the 'Obama birth certiifcate is a fraud' and 'Obama was born in Kenya' rumors, which have been debunked.

Daniels said that he was a Christian, who believes in helping people, but opposes Americans being on disability.


“There’s a move afoot to change life in America into a totally European – I’ve heard that so much I’m getting sick of it: ‘European’ – socialist thing,” says country-music legend Charlie Daniels, “but it’s the dag-blamed truth [sic], and it don’t work, it never has worked, and if America goes that way, America will never be America again.”

For Daniels, the word “socialism” – synonymous in his mind with the big-spending, tax-the-rich, government-welfare, spread-the-wealth policies of President Obama and his fellow “progressives” – is a system not only destined for failure, but also inherently tyrannical. “You cannot enforce socialism without some force,” Daniels told WND.

“I’m a Christian; I believe in helping people who can’t help themselves. I do not believe in helping people who can help themselves. Instead of putting them on the dole, put them on the payroll.

“I heard a while ago that more people file for disability than file to get a job. Where in the heck is that at?” Daniels asked. “Is that America? Is that what made America great? We need to get people back, to employ them,” Daniels concluded, “and it’s never going to be done in Washington. It’s going to have to be done in the private sector.”


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