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Chaos Outside RNC With Alex Jones, Protesters (Video)

Conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones tangled with protesters in Cleveland on July 19 (video below).

Jones and his supporters crashed a rally held by the International Workers of the World, a worker's union, outside the Republican National Convention, reports RT.

After pushing his way into the crowd, Jones used a bullhorn to shout his familiar conspiracy message: "We are here to expose the New World Order!"

In response to Jones, union members yelled back: "Off our streets, Nazi scum!"

The situation grew more intense as Jones and some of the protesters had a physical confrontation that was broken up by police, reports The Hill.

Yoni Applebaum, a reporter for The Atlantic, tweeted, "Alex Jones rushed by state police into an unmarked vehicle, whisked away from a crowd of protesters," notes RT.

Jones' conspiracy website,, posted its own video (below) of the incident and painted a different version of the events, beginning with the headline: "Alex Jones Attacked by Communist BLM | Jones Fights Back!" added: "Jones was attacked by Communist agitators outside the Republican National Convention Tuesday while leading a protest through Cleveland’s Public Square."

Jones' site also said: "Jones storms into a Black Lives Matter rally at the RNC armed with truth, reason and a lust for freedom! Almost immediately Jones is surrounded by BLM commies and attacked. The protesters were so aggressive that the police grabbed Alex and pulled him out before the situation escalated even more."

According to RT, a police scanner broadcast fights between the Ku Klux Klan, Westboro Baptist Church, Black Lives Matter and others. Police called for an additional 100 officers in the area.

"Be advised, they’re throwing urine," one unidentified cop said on the scanner.

The Hill notes that police have made five arrests since July 18.

Sources: RT,, The Hill / Photo credit: RT America/Twittervia YouTube

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