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Washington Rep. Joins Lawmakers Calling For Impeachment

Washington Rep. Joins Lawmakers Calling For Impeachment Promo Image

A new House Democrat is joining the call for President Donald Trump to be impeached. 

During a Nov. 3 radio interview, freshman Rep. Pramila Jayapal said that Trump had violated the constitution, but warned against filing articles of impeachment without Republican support, according to CNN.

"I haven't signed onto anything yet, you know I'll say that several of us have been really thinking about how we responsibly address the crisis that we have in front of us," the Washington state representative said. "And I think that we have to, I don't think there's a question of law in terms of knowing that there are significant constitutional impeachable violations that Donald Trump has committed."

Despite her position on the matter, Jayapal cautioned that for impeachment to work, congressional Republicans would have to be on board. 

"It seems to me that that part is actually fairly clear, but impeachment is not just about the law, it's a political process, and in order for it to be successful, the majority party has to sign onto it," she said. "There's no way to move impeachment proceedings forward without the majority." 

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Later in the interview, Jayapal elaborated on the various violations she believes qualifies Trump for impeachment. 

"I think there are numerous, and you know, I think that certainly ... all of the conflicts of interest, and the Emoluments Clause for sure, I even think that some of the threats around puling licenses from television stations, I mean the kind of cutting down of the press," she said.

Jayapal is the latest House Democrat to call for impeachment, joining Democratic Reps. Al Green, Brad Sherman, Steve Cohen and Maxine Waters, according to The Inquisitr.

Green and Sherman have previously filed articles of impeachment against Trump, according to The Inquisitr. Cohen later introduced his own articles of impeachment. Neither set of articles has come to the House floor for a vote. 

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In a Nov. 5 op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times, Waters wrote, "It is clear from Trump's behavior and efforts to derail the Russia investigation that he has something to hide. I believe that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will reveal the facts, and in the final analysis, Congress will have no choice but to impeach this president."

Although these rank-and-file Democrats support impeachment, there has been no indication that party leadership considers it a possibility.

In an interview with CNN, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi played down talk of impeachment. 

"It's not someplace I think we should go," she said. 

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