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Celebrities Slam NYC Mayor Bloomberg For Raid on Occupy Wall Street

Police swarmed into New York's Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning to violently disperse the Occupy Wall Street protesters who had assembled there over the past two months. This police action sent liberal celebrities to their Twitter pages to attack New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"Bloomberg's NY is no place for the 1st amendment," Alec Baldwin tweeted. "Bloomberg serves Wall Street, now and forever. And Wall Street cannot handle free speech."

Baldwin went on to accuse Bloomberg of stifling dissent during the 2004 Republican Convention, lamenting that the mayor blew an opportunity to "groom his legacy" while dealing with the Occupy protesters. He also criticized what he sees as a pro-corporate bent in the city's tax structure.

"NYC bends over backwards 2 give costly tax breaks 2 corps that threaten 2 leave NY. Whether those corps create sufficient jobs or not," Baldwin wrote.

"#OWS: Go to Foley Square right now to regroup. Centre and Worth Sts.," filmmaker Michael Moore wrote, adding that the dispersal would likely present a minor setback at most.

"It's too late," Moore added. "Tens of millions of Americans won't let the #OWS momentum stop. They want the banks stopped and they want their America back."

Mark Ruffalo also took Bloomberg to task, going so far as to compare the mayor to the oppressive Chinese government.

"#mikebloomberg deals blow to First Amendment by raiding Zuccati park at 1am with riot police. Bars press from watching. Destroys library#Ows," Ruffalo wrote.

'Cabin Fever' director Eli Roth painted the conflict between the protestors and the authorities as a drama worthy of one of his own films.

"All the anger against corruption has pitted NYC's finest against its citizens. It's all so painful to watch from afar. Stay strong NYC #OWS," Roth tweeted.


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