CBC Player in the Election Nobody Wanted©


The federal election campaign has only just begun and it didn't take long for the greatest weapon the leftwing parties have at their disposal to rear it's head.

Long been accused of leftwing bias, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has once again lived down to it's reputation with an allegedly leftwing-biased 'vote compass' gimmick on their website.

People usually shrug off such incidents from the CBC, such as their penchant for left-leaning political discussion shows, their one-sided 'documentaries' and their love of all things environmental (rumour has it new employees get an 'I heart David Suzuki' t-shirt after orientation), but this time the backlash has been vocal.

From online chats and blogs to radio talk shows, allegations are flying that the results of the compass test, no matter your answers, will be that you should vote Liberal. 

So I tried it out, answering the questions honestly.  The questions themselves raised suspicion, as they seemed lacking in actual current issues.  As I went along, I felt as if the questions were somehow rigged. My result?  Just barely Liberal.

I've spoken with many others who share a similar ideology as mine who have tested this theory, and most have experienced the same result: if you are a small 'c' conservative, you should vote Liberal.

I did another experiment, this time choosing answers from a far-right (practically fascist) point of view.  My result?  According to the CBC chart, I fell just slightly right of centre.

While only the truly naive would put much weight on the results of a website add-on, especially one found on the CBC site, the fact of the matter is it could potentially sway some of those same naive voters. 

The bigger problem is the fact that the CBC is a public broadcaster.  It survives on the $1 billion per year it gets from the federal government - that's your money. You own it.  You pay for it and it's agenda.

This is the same CBC which boasts a litany of indiscretions and controversies.  From it's blatant anti-Americanism masquerading as 'in-depth investigative journalism' (the Bush years were the Glory years at MotherCorp) to it's incessant showings of Michael Moore propaganda films to its refusal to release financial data even under the Freedom of Informaton Act, the CBC has long proven its secrecy and inability to be trusted.

The fact that the CBC's current whipping post, the Conservative government, actually increased the level of government funds to the broadcaster is troubling.  True conservative voters can only hope that would change if the Election Nobody Wanted© results in a Conservative majority victory.

Better still would be the long overdue privatization of the CBC.  Then, as a private broadcaster, the CBC would be free to exude its leftwing bias at will - and not on our dime.



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