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Caught on Video: U.S. Contractors Get Drunk, Stoned in Afghanistan

A cellphone video (below) recorded earlier this year at an operations center of a U.S. security contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan shows U.S. contractors, of Jorge Scientific, drunk and high on drugs, reports ABC News.

The video was provided to ABC News by two former employees of Jorge Scientific, who say this was a pattern of behavior that put lives at risk and went undetected by U.S. military officials who are supposed to oversee  contractors.

The video will be broadcast in a report this evening on 'ABC World News with Diane Sawyer' and 'Nightline.'

The report by ABC News has sparked a criminal investigation by the U.S. Army.

Jorge Scientific says it has taken "decisive action to correct the unacceptable behavior of a limited number of employees" and that several of them seen on the video are no longer employed by Jorge Scientific.


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