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Casper, Wyoming: No Guns at City Council Meetings

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During the most recent legislative session, state Senator Kit Jennings (R-28) of Casper sponsored permitless carry legislation to expand the Right-to-Carry across Wyoming, only to see his hometown now fight to restrict it.  Last week, the Casper City Council voted 5 to 4 in favor of an ordinance to ban the open carrying of firearms during city council meetings.  While nothing has ever occurred to necessitate this proposed ordinance, the city council is one step away from making this ban a reality and will decide its fate on third and final reading at their next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 20.  The council will meet at 6:00 p.m. in the Casper City Hall located at 200 North David Street.

This proposed ordinance is not only unnecessary but it is a blatant violation of Wyoming’s firearm preemption law and would open the city to potential lawsuits and litigation.  Under current law, it is illegal for people to carry a concealed firearm in government buildings, while open carry is still allowed.

Please contact members of the Casper City Council and your state legislators and urge them to respect the state firearm preemption law and protect your Right-to-Carry by opposing this proposed ordinance in Casper. 

You may find contact information for the Casper City Council by clicking here.  To locate your state legislators, please click here.  


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