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Carnac's U.N. Resolution

Carnac the Magnificent holds the envelope to his forehead.
"Sanctions Against Iran."

Ed the Sidekick repeats, receives obligatory dirty look. Carnac as he opens the envelope and reads:

"Name a reason why the U.N. is useless."

Today, after a year and a half (!) of tense negotiations, the United Nations Security Council has approved a U.S. sponsored sanctions resolution against Iran over the rogue nation's growing nuclear program. 

Other than proving how incredibly slow the U.N. is to act on anything, there is little chance that this will reap the results intended. 

We all know how effective U.N. sanctions are. The overwhelming successes of North Korea and Iraq prove that, right?

The fact that Turkey voted against the resolution is telling.  How long do you figure it will be before we hear of freshly-listed illegal arms and supplies from Turkey being found in Iran?  Months? Weeks, even?

The bigger issue is the United Nations itself.  Long past the point of being able to present any kind of success or positive achievement, the organization is quickly becoming a polarizing figure.  To the political left, it is the capital of the New Global Government they are working so hard to create through such means as environmentalism.  To the right, it is a bloated, hypocritical circus with no credibility in reserve.

These sanctions are a do-nothing option for those who want to pretend have a purpose.  It is another example of the U.N.'s policy to 'yell, then yell louder!' at emerging international threats, instead of 'going all Dubya on them' and sending in the bombs.

Perhaps the answer is to be found not in the sleepy halls of the U.N. or even in the fumbling, bumbling, self-obsessed White House. 

Israel - the democracy located directly in the crosshairs of a nuclear Iran -has taken matters into its own hands before.

With the current wave of anti-Israeli sentiment sweeping the free world (those poor humanitarians on the flotilla! They were innoc...guns?  What guns?), I figure they have nothing to lose and possess every justification to again send a few planes into the air.

Hey, it's not like they can rely on the Obama administration for support.

Of course, the U.N. would have to sanction Israel.

It shouldn't take more than a few years.


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