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Cardboard Warriors: Demonizing the Tea Party

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It was wrong for Bill Clinton to demonize talk radio and political dissent in the fallout from the Waco-inspired Timothy McVeigh bombing. But at least there had been an act of violence when he originally made the accusation. Fifteen years later, there is no such corollary. The continued use of the McVeigh “violence card” by liberals like Clinton can mean only one thing: for a decade and a half, liberals have been unable to find a better example of “right-wing violence” to harp on.

Ignoring the peaceful nature of the Tea Party, Bill Clinton warns us about the consequences of “anti-government rhetoric.” If we’re going to accept the premise that anti-government rhetoric has the potential to inspire violence, then anti-Tea Party rhetoric must have the same potential. It follows that if Bill Clinton is right about the Tea Parties, then he, Obama, and Congressional Democrats are responsible for—among other things:

  • hate mail received by bankers and insurance executives, 
  • protests at the homes of AIG employees and executives, 
  • unruly behavior by Harry Reid supporters who egged the Tea Party Express, 
  • a “counter-protester” biting the finger off of a Tea Party protester, 
  • the brutal beating of Kenneth Gladney by SEIU thugs, 
  • the brutal beating of GOP official, Allee Bautsch, and her boyfriend as they walked back to their hotel after the Southern Republican Leadership Conference dinner, 
  • and Joe Stack’s suicidal flight into the side of an IRS building.

    Relatively speaking, actual violence by the left is commonplace. Every time the WTO comes to town or the “G-whatever” holds an economic conference, the left dons its “anarchist” face and protests for Communism. They trash the town and vandalize businesses.

    But real violence apparently doesn’t matter to people like Bill Clinton. He can’t bring himself to condemn the protesters who are committing real acts of violence, but let one Tea Partier speak out against unsustainable federal spending, and all hell breaks loose. While its apparently acceptable to link the Tea Party with McVeigh, its an illegitimate attempt to smear Obama with guilt by association to even mention his association with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

    The Obama administration can’t seem to bring itself to openly criticize any of our true enemies, but its supporters have no qualms about making any and every unfounded accusation that could damage the reputation of political opponents. If the Left would focus even half of the animosity it feels for the Tea Party movement at Iran, the rogue nation would have ended its nuclear and inter-continental ballistic missile programs long ago.


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