Capitol Hill is Nervous of New Benghazi Investigation

It appears that the new Benghazi committee has much of Capitol Hill losing sleep – and not just the Democrats.

The Daily Beast published an article Wednesday exposing several leading Republicans' opposition to the new committee. Sources told the Daily Beast that the chairmen of the House Intelligence, Armed Services, and Government Reform committees — Reps. Mike Rogers, Buck McKeon, and Darrell Issa all opposed the select committee.

A source told the Daily Beast that last Wednesday, during an unrelated meeting, Rogers warned his Republican committee members that this could be a “rabbit hole” for the party, and that they “should not let the investigation get into conspiracy theories.”

While the committee finding evidence that the Obama administration didn’t do as much as they could have to protect the Americans in Benghazi would be an overall victory for the Republican party, it could also cause an embarrassment. If the new panel finds crucial information that older investigations missed, it would look bad on the previous members’ part.

If the committee finds no ground-breaking, conclusive “smoking gun” the Republican party would also face embarrassment – for falling down the “rabbit hole” and obsessively searching for something that may not exist.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may leave the whole committee and its double-edged sword to Republicans, as she’s leaning towards either a partial or complete boycott of the investigative committee.

House Speaker John Boehner announced the Republican members of the committee on Friday. Rep. Trey Gowdy was selected to lead the committee, but has announced very little on what the plan is for the investigation.

The Daily Beast reports that Rep. Jim Jordan, another member of the select committee, spoke some about it at a recent press conference. Jordan said  the panel intends to focus on the “before,” “during” and “after” of the attack– explaining that this means probes into why the State Department denied requests for security to the Benghazi diplomatic post and why the early talking points on Benghazi downplayed the possibility that it was a terrorist attack.

Boehner, an early opposer of the original committee, reminds us what the true intent of the investigation is, and surprisingly enough, it’s not about embarrassing or irritating politicians.

“This investigation is about getting answers for the families of the victims and for the American people," Boehner said in a statement after announcing the Republican members. "These members have each demonstrated a commitment to this goal, and I have confidence that they will lead a serious, fact-based inquiry."


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