Candidate for Texas Lt. Gov. Claims God Speaks Through Phil Robertson (Video)


Texas Lt. Governor Gregg Abbott (R) is running for governor against Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) leaving the second highest position in the Lone Star state open.

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick (R) is leading in the polls in the race for Lt. Governor against State Sen. Leticia Van de Putt (D) despite some of his odd claims, notes Mother Jones.

Patrick, whom Texas Monthly called one of the "worst" lawmakers of 2013, tried to raise funds by supporting "Duck Dynasty" TV star Phil Robertson after he made his anti-gay and anti-black comments in GQ magazine.

"This is an exciting time for Christians," Patrick wrote on his Facebook page. "God is speaking to us from the most unlikely voice, Phil Robertson, about God's Word. God is using pop culture and a highly successful cable TV show to remind us about His teaching."

"God has used unlikely people in the Bible before to share his Word throughout history," claimed Patrick. "He is doing it again. Phil's words will reach more people than any preacher or conservative leader could. It's clear God is speaking to us and I find it exciting. Click here to support Phil!"

In 2007, Patrick boycotted the Texas Senate's first Muslim prayer, reported the Houston Chronicle. He walked out during another Muslim prayer in 2012.

Patrick brags about all of his legislation against undocumented immigrants on his campaign website, but the Texas Observer reported in March that he hired an undocumented immigrant when he ran a sports bar in Houston.

In a 2013 commerical (video below), Patrick promised to "secure the border" if he is elected Lt. Governor even though he wouldn't have that authority.

In 1999 on his radio talk show, Patrick referred to Connie Chung's TV show "Eye to Eye" as "Slanted Eye to Eye," reported the Houston Press.

Patrick bragged about ending Wendy Davis' historic filibuster last year and compared himself to Jesus during an interview with Fox News host Mike Huckabee.

"I spoke to my colleagues and said, 'When Jesus criticized the Pharisees, he criticized them because their laws and their rules were more important than actually taking care of people,'" stated Patrick, according to Mother Jones.

"And in my view, stopping a debate to save thousands of lives, well, saving the thousands of lives is more important than our tradition of, well, you should never stop someone," added Patrick. "I said, 'Well, are we gonna become the modern-day Pharisees as Republicans of the Senate and just let her talk this bill to death and thousands that could have been saved a horrendous death and also improving health care?'"

According to the Texas Observer, Patrick told a church in Conroe, Tx. in 2013, “There is no such thing as separation of church and state... When I vote, and I’ve cast 13,000 votes in three sessions, the lobbyist I listen to more than any is Jesus Christ.”

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