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Okla. Candidate Fends Off Political Attack from Own Daughter

Talk about a political campaign getting personal. Ajudicial candidate in Oklahoma finds himself fending off attacks -- from his own daughter. John Mantooth opened up his local newspaper and found a quarter-page ad that says, "Do not vote for my dad!"

In addition to the headline, the ad features a picture of the daughter's family and highlights cases in which Mantooth has been sued.

"We just felt like it would be bad if he were to become a judge," 31-year-old Jan Schill told the Associated Press from her home in Colorado. "I assumed that he would not appreciate it, but he's made so many people mad, I'm just another mark on his board of people's he's had a beef with."

Mantooth said the bad blood stems from his 1981 divorce from Schill's mother.

"This is a family issue which should have been kept private," he said. "I'm very sad about this. I'm very disappointed. I'm hurt, but I love my daughter, and I want things to get better, and I hope they will."

But Mantooth also suspects political maneuvering. His son-in-law, Andrew Schill, was once law partners with one of his opponents in the primary, Greg Dixon.

"That's a very strange set of circumstances," Mantooth said. "For a person to believe that Greg Dixon had nothing to do with this is like trying to believe that cows give chocolate milk."

Andrew Schill said Dixon had nothing to do with the ad. "We put that stuff out there," he said. "We want people to look at this record and his cases. I think people can look at that and draw their own conclusions."

Dixon also said denied any involvement. "Unequivocally, absolutely not," he said. "I don't want to be affiliated with that Web site or that ad. I don't want to use it as a platform in my political campaign."


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