Canada Should Delay the Security Perimeter


If the rumors are true regarding secret, high level negotiations between Canada and the United States to create a North American trade and security 'perimeter', it would be in our nation's best interest to put the brakes on.

I am all for the concept of an open and safe border between the world's two most peaceful allies, and have long been in favor of the implementation of any strategy that will make our homeland safer.

There are other policies that would need to be in place alongside in order for this to be effective, such as an overhaul of Canada's immigration and refugee laws.  That in itself would be a tough sell.

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Obama and Harper

But the main reason Canada should hold off for a while has less to do with domestic issues and more to do with our neighbors to the south.

The problem right now is timing.

The fact is, many Canadians have joined others from the free world in losing a little confidence in our American friends.

The slip in faith isn't in the American people, but in its current administration.

We watched as President Obama apologized to the enemy.  We have witnessed his attempt to whitewash history and blur accuracy, refusing to call the enemy the enemy.  We have seen Obama's America turn terrorists into mere criminals.

He even defended the 9/11 victory mosque on Ground Zero.

The once unthinkable has indeed happened as the U.S. has loosened its traditionally strong ties with Israel, to the point where the world now sees Stephen Harper's Canada as the Jewish state's best friend and defender in the West.

To put it directly, we don't trust the current president to act sincerely and with honest motivation when it comes to the security of our continent.

One only need look at America's southern border and how Obama has fumbled and bumbled along.  He seemed to spend more time and put more effort into fighting Arizona's laws than protecting Americans who live near the Mexican line.

As a free-trader, I believe our two nations should continue to work together to improve and increase safe trade avenues.

But until the United States has a president who is a little more convincing to America's allies, and a little less contrite to our enemies, we'll take a rain check.


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