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Calls For Obama To Face Jail Time After Discovery Of What Went Missing On His Watch

A website claims former President Barack Obama is in the hot seat after $2.6 billion went missing in a food stamp program fraud scheme while he was in office.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was defrauded by people claiming benefits for more than 1,800 people who had died, I Have claims.

"We found that 3,394 authorized SNAP retailers (retailers) used Social Security Numbers (SSN) that matched SSNs of deceased people. Additionally, 193 retailers listed owners who were not at least 18 years of age," the site claims the inspector general's office said in a statement. "While FNS did have some controls to edit or verify SNAP retail owner information, these controls were not adequate to ensure owner information accuracy."

The news quickly went viral throughout conservative conspiracy websites, with many calling for Obama to be held personally responsible for the missing money.

"Good thats where he needs to be he's a traitor," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

Others said they felt as though the news was unproven and out of context, and therefore Obama shouldn't be on the hook for what happened.

"Story is totally out of context - while I am sure there is great fraud in Food stamps, blaming Obama personally for it is only a speculation that his Administration turned a blind eye to the problem," one reader commented. "But without proof that such an order was given, this claim is without merit. Obama was crap, but let's go after him for things that can be proven."

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has continued to spark controversy for his actions in office - even garnering criticism from Iran's supreme leader.

"He says we should be grateful to Obama? We should be thankful because he brought war and bloodshed to Syria and Iraq and he supported the 2009 demonstrations here, that's what we should be thankful of?" Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, NBC News reported.

"We are thankful to Trump for making our life easy as he showed the real face of America. During his election campaign and after that, he confirmed what we have been saying for more than 30 years about the political, economic, moral and social corruption in the U.S. ruling system."

He added: "Trump has said we should be scared and frightened of him ... we will show on the anniversary of our revolution how we respond to his threats. No enemy can paralyze Iran."

Sources: I Have The TruthMad World News/FacebookNBC News / Photo credit: The White House/Wikimedia Commons

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