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Call 911 if You Feel Intimidated on Election Day 2012

Romney’s billionaire buddies have organized a bunch of illegitimate pollsters to descend on the
polling stations this November 6.

They will ask if you are a citizen and to see your I.D. They may follow you inside the building.
They could have clipboards, oddly worded badges, and have an official look about themselves.

This is nothing new to America.

People have been paid to do this since voting began. So don’t
feel intimidated or be afraid. You do not have to suffer the humiliation of some dumpster-brained
character harassing you at the polls.

You know that if these prigs are at the polls it is to suppress the Obama vote. Here is how
to handle them:

● go with a friend to the polls whenever possible
● remember that only an official with a county polling badge call tell you what to do
● take your video camera and record anyone asking questions
● if someone asks you for an I.D., ask them to see their I.D.
● photograph their I.D.
● if they don’t produce an I.D., tell them you are calling the police
● then call 911, and say people are being harassed, and that you think it could get dangerous
● when asked why it could get dangerous, say, “people are going to defend their right to vote”
● if someone inside the polling station doesn’t have an I.D., ask “who are you?”
● when that person has no legitimate answer, shout “help, there’s an intruder, here”
● try to have someone get this on their camera
● above all, don’t be afraid
● this is simply modern-day self-assertion in an age when billionaires think they own you

There’s nothing hard about this. And actually, it can be fun defending your right to vote in an age
of voter suppression. If anything, you’ll have some great YouTube videos at the end of the day.
Or possibly, a Supreme Court case.

Romney’s crowd has tried a dozen different tactics to suppress the Obama vote. But sending
illegitimate pollsters to the polling stations is the most obvious one. It is also the easiest to

If you should be confronted by an illegitimate pollster, start by taking pictures, then ask
questions, and finally, call 911.


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